BijambareThe Bijambare area, famous for its caves, is located on the far north-eastern slopes of Sarajevo District and the Ilijaš, a small town near Sarajevo. It is accessible by the main road Sarajevo-Tuzla, from which an asphalt road branches out leading towards a mountain home and the especially known Bijambare cave. Large parts of these caves are open to visitors.

Optimum height above sea level (950 m on average), thick confer woods, meadows, two water flows with lakes and chasms, five caves, rocky massif and high quality air provide ideal conditions for alpinism, speleology, skiing, mushroom picking, medicinal herbs picking, or simply for nature excursions and visits.

Middle part of Bijambare is a karst enclave with all its commonly observed characteristics: caves, lost rivers, intriguing funnel-shaped depressions and rocky massifs. There are five caves located in three horizons, in a pretty small area. One of these caves is especially popular- the Bijambare cave, which has been a popular tourist spot and a speleological site for a long time.

Length of the cave is 420 m (basic direction without individual branches).

It has four halls with rich ornaments of all known creation forms: lateral blocks, stalactites, casts, stalagmites and curtains.

The fourth hall is the biggest (around 60m in diameter and 15-30m in height). It is also called the "music hall" for its acoustic effects.

Very next to the cave is a bed & breakfast “Bijambare”, locally known as a “mountain home”, equipped with 55 beds, two large halls, and complete infrastructure. It is open to visitors during the whole year.

There is a scenic picnic and refreshment area in front of the “Bijambare” home with benches and tables to accommodate approximately 100 people.
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