Rakitnica Canyon

River Rakitnica is rising from several hillsides of mountain Bjelašnica, near the village of Rakitnica (at the altitude of approximately 1,500 m, about 35 km from Sarajevo) and flows into the Neretva river at the junction of three mountains, Bjelašnica, Visočica, and Prenj (at the altitude of 300 m), in the vicinity of Boračko Lake.

The river and the village names originate from Rakita- a willow tree plentifully disbursed all over the upper course of the river. This typical mountain river is deeply cut between Bjelašnica on the right side and the mountain Visočica on the left side, flowing through sets of bizarre canyons, breathtaking river rapids and cascades, beautiful waterfalls and calm basins, representing a truly unique tourist attraction.

Because of its unique beauty and difficulty of access, Rakitnica represents a great challenge and attraction for mountaineers, alpinists, fishermen, as well as for many other lovers of the “untouched” natural beauty. Along its 30 km long course it doesn’t flow through any inhabited areas. The water is potable all the way from its springs down to the mouth of the river. Rakitnica is rich with brown trout, and soft-lipped trout (endemic species).

The part of the river most suitable for fishing starts at the road bridge near the village Tušila, and extends down to the pedestrian bridge on the path road leading to Bobovac.

The most attractive part of the river course for excursions is between the bridge on the Lukomir and Bobovca line of communiqué to Lučuce (famous Bajro's Cottage). This part of the river is 4-5 kilometers long, full of beautiful scenery with a 300m fall and numerous cascades and waterfalls.
River Rakitnica
During the period of lower water level, it is possible to walk the pedestrian path from the bridge by the village Tušile down to the Neretva river mouth. During the season of high precipitation and snow melting, in the narrow canyons the water level of Rakitnica rises up to 20m. When spring showers come around, it is recommended to visit especially remarkable waterfalls toppling from the high rocks on the Visočica hillsides.

The access to this challenging river is possible from several directions:

• It is possible to drive a car using habituated road to Goražde through Babin Do at Bjelašnica mountain, from which you should make a turn in the direction of mountain house "Željo", and continue the drive down to the village Šabići. Then, proceed on to the bridge over the Rakitnica River through the village Tušile.

• Using a somewhat less travelled and less broken-in road, drive from Babin Do road to the observatory and make a turn in order to get to the village Lukomir. From that point, use the pedestrian path for 3-4 hours of walking and arrive to the Rakitnica river near by the village of Lučice.

• From the town of Konjic, using the car, drive to the village of Blaca, and from there, using pedestrian path for a one hour walk, get close to the very interesting part of the course of Rakitnica river above Dnehenem and Oštra.

• Nice and attractive access to this mountain river, using a car, is possible during the summer time from Glavatičevo across the Visočica hillsides up to Mountain creek Rijeka. This shallow creek may be used to get to Rakitnica in a half an hour walk.

Interested groups may get travel guides and brochures in the B&H Mountaineering Association and the Mountaineering Club "Bjelašnica"


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